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IWM# 582

IWM serial ID: 00582


Honestly I am glad to be here,
Back with a new school year,
Very excited,
Don't care what people think about me,
You just wait and see...


I'm so happy,
Having the best day of my life,
No stress in my life,
Feeling confident,
Worry Free,
Happy to be me,


Step out the house with my new shoes,
Don't match,
Glad to be looking a mess,
Words are words,
Peoples are people,
And clothes are clothes,
I personally like what I wear,
New style,
You don't see it anywhere,
Don't care what people think about me,
Just wait and see....


My life is just the way I want it,
So proud,
Even with all the flaws,
It stills feel good to be me,
Never wished to be someone else(never)
Never regreted a thing(never)
Don't care if I can't sing(nope)
ME, ME, ME...


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comment on happy by never4gotten

i can realate soooo much. i'm trying to get across that barrier between hiding and being me. i really like it.

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