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Domineering men

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IWM# 572

IWM serial ID: 00572

(DG) (CE)
So now you think you can talk behind my back
Spreading rumors
So now you think you're got
Some kind of power over me
But you should know that I do
As I please cause I am free
And I don't need this drama in my life

Chorus: I don't need your beautiful words (a)
they are all lies (G)
I don't need your sweet talk
I just need my freedom
And someone who can understand me
So if I have to wait and play the field thats just fine
C7 G Tadati da da dati dada ti da dada datidada ti da dada

So now you tell the guys you have your eyes on me
But what have you done for me lately
You're trying to pull a guilt trip on me
I've known quiete a few guys like you
And I don't want to do anything with you
Unless you prove what you say
Admit when you're wrong


Bridge: Comon ladies sing with me
Don't you hate it when some men act like they own you
And they treat you like a tropy not anything more
We can do much better so much better} 2 times


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Looking forward

to hearing this one. I love the lyrics and the sentiment. You are always impressing me.

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