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!Emotional Intimacy by !Yuliya Johnson

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IWM# 561

IWM serial ID: 00561

Some people think that love is all about pleasure (#D, B)
Some people find a way to make you compromise
But then when you give in to their pressure
You feel so empty that you want to hide
But love's not about kisses
Love's not all about lust
But love's about

Chorus: Emotional Intimacy (D#-F#-C#)(B)
If you know what that means
Come and set me free
Emotional Intimacy is when
You look in my eyes and you feel me
When you take my hand and hold it tight
And you don't need anything else
You don't need anyone else
Thats emotional intimacy, emotional intimacy

Some people think that making love always means something
Some people don't understand that we all make mistakes
Cause if making love always meant something
Then how come I've never been in love while making love
Unless you want to put a ring on my finger
Don't even go there
Unless you're gonna please me
Don't even tease
Cause I am set on


I want to have it someday
Not physical.... just emotional
Its better than anything else.. Better than pleasure Emotional Intimacy

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comment on emotional intamicy

this was okay, your others were better though. great piano acconpianment. i likes it.

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