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!Standing in the dark by !Yuliya Johnson

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IWM# 556

IWM serial ID: 00556

If people just stop for 1 second (E G)
Stop following rules when it comes to love
Stop thinking about when would be the right time to call her
Stop thinking about when would be the right time to
make the first move
Just do what feels right (C7 D7)
Just do what you feel inside
Cause tomorrow might be too late
People come and go
And you might never see them again

Chorus: don't play games ( G, D)
They only lead to mistakes
And each time you'll break a heart
You're the one who'll end up standing in the dark

If men were just a little bit more honest
I think I'd probably be settled down again
But what can I do
If all I see are lies around me
You threw some beautiful lines just to get a kiss out of me
Your waisted words that had no meaning (C7D7)
You didn't mean anything you've said
You've waited too long to call me
And now someone else has got a hold on me
Cause I don't ever want to hurt again


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we all need more songs I think to change these society's double standards lolz


Thank you Karla. I like your stuff too. I think its wonderful and I look forward to more of your stuff. Peace

standing in the dark comment

this is a very well written piece of music! i love the lyrics. yo udid a wonderful job on your diction and sound. you sing very very well! you have natural talent which is hard to find these days. great job! =)

Well now..

isn't that the truth!

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