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You wrote it, now protect it!


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IWM# 552

IWM serial ID: 00552

Word has it
You’re rising to the top
That’s great for you, man
I don’t envy you at all

You’re all uptight
Always doin’ your job
Dude, I ain’t no fan o’ yours
I don’t envy you at all
I don’t envy you at all

What happened to that time
When a smile graced your face
And you looked men in the eyes
Some piece of you is broken

Yeah now your love is herding those
Pieces of paper on your desk
you’ve built a palace out of lies
yeah, some piece of you is broken
some piece of you is broken

Yeah tell me what it feels like
When steel bars close on your life
Your only method is excape
So go on, cheat on your wife!
All you do is make it worse,
You’re the one that’s got the knife.
Yeah, it’s you that’s got the knife
End Chorus

Some time ago
You were my friend
So tell me when
You started hating life

You used to go
And pray in church
So tell me when
You started hating life
You started hating life

What is it you hold so dear?
All this hatred and this fear
All this stuff you’ve got to lose
It’s made you warden to yourself

Why can’t you leave it all behind?
You feel you’ve done too many crimes
It’s never been a mystery
You’ve made you warden of yourself
Yeah, man; warden of yourself


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very true

I hope who ever you wrote this about was paying attention.I really like how you spelled it out for us. Shelly R.W.


I wanna hear how this is done, I can see myself owning the single-with the entire album

comment on last laugh by sirio .bm

i really really like this. these are great lyrics.

I like

I really like what you were saying in this. It seems really easy to relate to.

Thank you for sharing it.

PS I know you have others but I haven't had a chance to look at them all yet. I am very behind but I will I promise.

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