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You wrote it, now protect it!


Death Remembered

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IWM# 548

IWM serial ID: 00548

Walking through a pitch black night
Devoured by what might be right
Lost in thought I stumble here
Closing caskets on my fears

Graveyards filled with empty graves
Hearts and souls that don’t remain
Carved in stone I see a date
Birth and death our only fate

Memories of long lasting days
Ended by uncontrolled rage
Buried in a cold damp place
Staring blank at a happy face

Time should not be counted, but
Spent living from minute to hour
Treasure what your doing, not
Dwelling in your own sorrow

Following stars in a moonless night
Leading to strength to stand and fight
Denying what evil controls my life
Healing wounds placed by the knife

Pain that is caused by early death
Tears that stain I’ve already wept
Let what has fallen hit the ground
Behind me where it won’t be found

Time should not be wasted
Only counted at the grave
Measured by lives touched
And hearts that you saved!

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your welcome silent-rage.

your welcome.


Thank you very much. That means alot.

comment on death remembered by silent-rage

no, please, don't stop writing!! i had pictures in my head all during this song. to me that means you are a great writer because if you can't see anything it doesn't maen anything to me. i love these lyrics and the way you write. beautiful. absolutely beautiful!

Not sure what to think

I feel like I shouldn't be writing anymore. My words are starting to all sound alike.

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