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IWM# 508

IWM serial ID: 00508

the body is complicated
and so is how it works
you start out young
playing with little toy guns
squirting water on eachother
and playing dead

tagging one another and sayign freeze
get on your knee's
im a police officer

a change in the man hood of a young boy
comes around middle school
where there are no toys
there is sports and women
and tests and homework
but one thing they didnt know is that the girls that they seek
are ones they haven't met yet
or maybe they are

highschool will come around
it isnt that far
you'll look hard and deep
and deeper and deeper
till you find that one
the one who makes you smile and has a glisten in her eyes

everyone has someone just try looking around
look in places that noone has found

dont be like me and look in every place
dont be like me and see an empty space

but be like me and look at the one in front of you
she usually is true

take her to a movie
and stare at the stars
take her to a park and walk very far
onto the beach
and get sand on your feet
get a little wet
and have a little fun

love is something hard to find and hard to pass by once you find it
dont get caught being blinded...

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this sounds

very real life. It's really good.

comment on blind by antwon549

nice! love it! =)

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