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Constant Reminder

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IWM# 505

IWM serial ID: 00505

Chorus (4x)
I can’t get away
You’re a constant reminder

Every where I look
It’s like you’re following me
Every step I take
It’s like I cannot leave
And every choice I make
It comes back to you.
Every voice that speaks
Always mentioning you.

Chorus (4x)

You’ve left your mark
And it will not go
The scars won’t fade
I fear they’ll always show.

I’ll cover up behind
a blanket of disguise
No one will know
what’s lurking inside

And so I’ll say
that I’ve moved on
But every where I turn
I know it’s far from gone.

Chorus…(fades out)

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Maybe you've heard this

I really like your work. You right so well, its easy to relate to.

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