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IWM# 493

IWM serial ID: 00493

I feel the life
inside my soul
the fire burning
in my core

Hot blood
races in my veins
like flood
waters tear and rage

I've no control
I've lost control

I once was
nobody like you
there was
nothing I could do

Then came
the vital spark of life
I ceased
living amid strife

I've no control
I've lost control

So when I tell you
we're not together
it's not to spite you
my heart is tender

but when I run
you want to walk
and when I do
you want to talk

go find your own way
it's yours alone
walk down that path
till fear is gone

It's like
a chain that cannot be
some type
of wall I cannot see

the world
wants people to be tame
your sweat
will only bring you shame

They want control
They'll get control

it not
polite to be abrupt
you don't
have to interrupt

this thing
civilized society
looks like
a form of slavery

They want control
They'll get control



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