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IWM# 490

IWM serial ID: 00490

I close my eyes and I am not alone
Hear you, feel you, the smells I’ve known
The softness of your every touch
The comfort that I miss so much
Testing faith that hearts can heal
Time and scars, that was the deal

In the darkness of the shadows
Or just the corners of my mind
I see your eyes in living color
Reaching for your lips as they move
There is a comfort in your presence
A peace that washes over me
Hearing music that you chime
Shinning light on my blackened soul
When waking from a sleepless night
A lingering scent that I have known
Condensation around my eyes
Are you a ghost or a splinter of my mind

Moistened eyes feeling less alone
Near you, feel you, the heart I’ve know
Opening my mind to feel your touch
Your arms around me I miss so much
Losing faith that I can heal
Time and scars, can only conceal

Opening my eyes, still not alone
Hear him, feel him, fears I’ve known
The harshness of his every touch
Danger and fears his only crutch
Lost the faith that hearts can heal
Time and scars, he missed that deal

In the silence of the shadows
Or in the fractions of my mind
Seeing sweat still on his brow
And dripping from his hair
Paralyzed my strength not found
No screaming in his face
I’m cowering behind closed eyes
Wondering where you are now
Rhythm of the rain and thunder
Leave me shuddering at the sound
Are you really haunting me
Or am I losing it somehow

Posing corpses in pretty fashion
Filling nights with empty passion
The mind is tearing me apart
He hasn’t crossed and won’t depart
You I want to forever stay
With time my scars will fade!

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writers block

this one almost stopped me from writing. I couldn't get it out of my head no matter what. It was a relief just to have it done!

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