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No Identity

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IWM# 481

IWM serial ID: 00481


Crimson tide flashes before my eyes
I struggle to see the sunrise
Thankful for all I’ve been given
And still I’m pretending to be a falsetto in your pitch
On track with the rich, no pride, still a hateful bitch
Still I can’t see the light in your eyes
Too much backlash to even fantasize
I feel so victimized, brutalized, terrorized, and criticized
Cause you can’t even compromise
My mind is so polluted with all the knowledge I tried to elude
And still I forget what form hate took to get to you
You destroy as I punish so forget these words I accomplish
Your acclaim and your praise can’t win over someone with no name
I still feel like my thoughts are in vain, can’t find the words to say
I have no shame because this is a man’s game
I’m just a bystander and I hold all the truth
I watch you and I pursue your every move
I find your wisdom for me to use
No use to enthuse me, elate me, or even forsake me or even complicate me
Time doesn’t matter anymore because I’ve closed too many doors
To run from these demons and their horrors
Rabid warriors that pillage and plunder and steal you with their thunder
I can’t even begin to wonder
What life lesson did you learn that made you to toss and turn?
Did you find your solution or did you just find another bridge to burn?

APRIL 18, 2002

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