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You wrote it, now protect it!



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IWM# 464

IWM serial ID: 00464

The truth is this, the lie is told.
Both nails hammered, soul is sold.
Was it worth the hurt and pain?
The lovers slain, left in the rain.

The bullets speed entices trust,
for how her death is now a must.
The bullets look will pull you in,
but take this warning from a friend.
The bullet's smile will show it's lust,
It's sleek design to make you trust,
the disguised plans of guilt and fear.
Can't think now, the bullet is here.
He smiles and laughs, your lips meet,
He shot you down, but it's not defeat.

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This is

really good, amazing talent. Keep it up.

I had no idea

you have amazing talent. why haven't you shared this on OTTP. I was asking for writers to post to "Writers (of anything)". I would love to see you share this with the others it's beautiful. I am glad to see you share it here at least.


I really like this

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