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You wrote it, now protect it!


dont need you(rnb)

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IWM# 412

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i'm just sitting here trying to see
whats happening and i cant believe
your walking and talking
doing nothing but flaunting
so hard to believe you walk around like a hoe
i really dont need you no more
(dont need you no more)

you told me you loved me(loved me)
you told me your sorry(sorry)
did nothing but leave me here and lonely
now you need me and i dont need you no more
now you wanna see me but i dont wanna see you no more(no more)


it was all bs
but i dont never gotta stress it
karma will get you
yes i'm forgivin but never forgettin(never forgettin,oohh never forgettin)
needed you more than ever but now its over
(now its over)i was always down for you but you
were never down for me(oohhh nooo)



whats the point of starting over
your the same i'm the same
what you did was a game
you played it i gave it
you broke it i shared it
now all of this is over


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Keep Doin It B...I..G!

U got mad talent fa real
This is what I feel
This song is so good, it's like a meal
Keep doin it BIG

Ya gurl tha Songstress

this is dope

this is dope

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