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Til Death Do Us Apart

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IWM# 391

IWM serial ID: 00391

Girl you know I love the time we spend together,and you're not sure if you know if I love you are whatever.Time will show how want you in my life .More than a one time love affair. I want you as my wife .Please understand my demands maybe you'll say yes.Even more so if you're heart is sincere and you love me too my dear. We could put love through the test and it could manifest.Til no man could break us and I'll let no other woman come and hurt you I swear I'll Let no man come tear us apart. Cause this ring i thee Wed. Until Death do us apart. so now you know how much I care for you and I'll show as time goes on. As we wipe each others tears ,live around each others peers and children through the years. Thats when you see our love grow stronger I love could last much longer onward till the end of all time and won't settle for less to bring you happiness.So let know whats on you're mind. Girl, Won't waste your time.I won't break it up. I won't mess up this time can you be mines. I'll let no man come break us you'll let no other woman come between us you swear . I'll let no man come and break us cause this ring i thee wed. Until death do us apart.

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looking forward to more.

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