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IWM# 390

IWM serial ID: 00390


By: Lyndsay

Verse 1:

Since I met you

I’ve been so confident

I’m stuck on you, yeah

You say you’ve made a dent

But we both know the truth


You’ve made a hole in my life

You’re the only one who can fill it in

The way you touch my skin

It feels so right

Verse 2:

I’ve always been the girl that hid my face

So afraid to tell the world what I’ve got to say

But you give me the confidence

And now I’m gonna shout to the sky


Verse 3:

I could be in a real bad mood

But every time I think of you

It just melts away

And you put a smile on my face


Verse 4:

The way you touched my skin

Yeah it felt so right

Now every time I think of you

Tears fall from my eyes

And the smile melts away

Final Chorus: (slow, sad)

You’ve made a hole in my life

And your not here to fill it in

And your never gonna touch my skin

And it don’t feel right

I must have lost my confidence

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