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Nothing Left To Lose

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IWM# 366

IWM serial ID: 00366

The empty and the hollowness
Begin to swallow me alive
Tracks from dried up tears
Leave nothing left to hide

My indifference mistaken for pride
With so little time to choose
I hear the ticking of the clock
While I have nothing left to lose

Tomorrow’s filled with intangibles
Yesterday has only fears
Today will be our last
As you cover up your ears

I just can’t hold my breath
I’m waiting for this to pass
The angst growing inside
Like shards of broken glass

Weary of the games we play
With everything to prove
Something ventured, what did I gain
I have nothing left to lose

Faced with one more chance
It’s time to make a choice
Remain here in the past
And forever lose my voice

Or should I choose to walk
Uncertain of which door
Still looking for the day
When anger loses force

Love has never welcomed me
Not sure of my next move
Standing here it occurs to me
I have nothing left to lose

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Chorus & Verse

I think sometimes I have to get away from format or they all start to sound alike even in my head. Thank you.


I like the flow of this too. I wrote it in a flow too. I was very natural. I didn't polish it either.


This one flows so it!

very good!

I really like it. I am more used to the verse, chorus, verse, chorus, etc. but, really good lyrics don't need to always follow that format. You definately have a way with words!!


I figure out a way I will let you know!


Okay I have a new fav. this one is cool, still want to hear though.


thank you, I've been trying to expand. I think the critism from other writers is very constructive. I love getting advice and knowing what doesn't work for people. It helps me to try new and different things. I still have a long way to go.

song writing

you are growing as a song writer :)
i like this one a lot!

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