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Ryan McReynolds - W.C.T.W.O.M.

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IWM# 3645

IWM serial ID: 03645

1st verse
Won't support the death of babies
They've been clipped from some young ladies
Suffocation so disgusting
Moloch's ways have left us rusing

Won't convert to ways of Moloch
His wicked ways are pathetic
I'll follow Christ our guiding light
He'll protect us from wicked fright

2nd verse
Doctor's clipping right from the stem
Bringing the young lives to an end
Murdering God's tiny babies
Atrocities drive me crazy

3rd verse
I wonder what is going
As I' hearing the mournful songs
Innocent blood spilling today
Such a heavy price to be paid

4th verse
I can hear the Lord shedding tears
Over the crimes of forty years
This cruelty has stained this land
God protect us from satan's hand

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