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Ryan McReynolds - Don't Breed The Seed

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IWM# 3642

IWM serial ID: 03642

Don't Breed The Seed
Words and Music by
Ryan McReynolds

1st verse
I know you like to cause trouble
I know you live in a bubble
You act like you're satan's child
Did your mom let you run wild

You shouldn't be allowed to breed
For you are of the devil's seed
Hope you'll seed mercy of Yahweh
Or else you'll have some hell to pay

2nd verse
I can smell the damn stench on you
From the trouble you choose to do
You don't show no respect at all
You act like you heed satan's call

3rd verse
Do you think i'll listen to you?
When you have no allah damn clue
Yu act like you have no purpose
I want to know why you've surfaced

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