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Ryan McReynolds - Feel Real Sick

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IWM# 3639

IWM serial ID: 03639

Feel Real Sick
Music and Lyrics by Ryan McReynolds

1st verse
Ask me what I think then get mad
Your actions really make me sad
You wanna prove that you are right
By putting up a massive fight

Why must you bring up politics?
I'm beginning to feel real sick
I'm beginning to feel ticked off
Sick of hearing crybabies cough

2nd verse
Snap at me cause I disagree
You're the one who is really mean
You try to tell me what to think
You also choose to make a stink

3rd verse
You get mad at my opinions
You're the one who is really dumb
You're the one who asked what I think
But then you chose to really stink

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