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"Buenas Noches Buenos Dias"

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IWM# 3627

IWM serial ID: 03627

Tex-Mex Country-
Otra-vez me desvele,ya no se que voy hacer

becuase my love went away,I can't sleep I'm wide awake

No se que nos sucedio,de repente termino

and the loneliness arrives in the middle of the night
(B) Buenas noches say hello to buenos dias

sleepless nights turn into sleepless days

Y la extranio y la amo todavia

and I haven't slept since my love went away

Buenas noches buenos dias

but the loneliness increases

Y el alcohol en las noches

make me think of her more often
Bueno fuera que volviera

I'd say good night buenos dias

Buena noche de alegria

buenas noches buenos dias

(c)Oscar Sotuyo Sr.2016

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