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!Yuli Johnson - !See the beauty in life

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IWM# 3624

IWM serial ID: 03624

Leaves are still green
Some houses are blue
But I don't love you like you want me to
Cause love has a different meaning for everyone
And our romance has been way long gone
(So) I don’t understand why you can’t see
When something’s over its over, you need to let me be
Move on with your life & let me live mine
See the beauty inside, see the beauty in life

Verse 2: I’m so tired of being able to see the world
Through your eyes
Your eyes so full of doubt and skepticism
Then why when you think of me
You still think that we could ever be
More than friends again
Like a rusty pipe that can’t be repaired
Can’t go back again
Bridge (almost a dialogue):
You can’t seem to see
All the pain and heartache you causing me
So swallowed in your own pity & you pride
That instead of finding your own
Healthy solutions you just want to make me cry
At least try to see the beauty in life, there’s even beauty in saying good-bye

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