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!Yuli Johnson- !Agree to disagree

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IWM# 3622

IWM serial ID: 03622

"Agree to disagree"
Chorus: D7 A7 G
D7 A G
WHy can't we just
Agree to disagree
Don't have to be best friends
If we have major differences
Still could walk away with dignity
If we just agree to disagree
It's so easy
If we just agree to disagree
There'd be more peace on earth

Verse 1:
Some people prefer coffee
In the morning
While others just drink tea
Some people see a blue sky
When it turns red
Oh we have a right to disagree
And I'm sure you see my point by now
You see where I'm going

Verse 2:
Some people find happiness
In soliditary lifestyles
While others prefer lots of company
Its so wrong to tell anyone how to live
But you always hear all kinds of lectures
About this and that and starting families
Yet you know if you're telling anyone how to live their lives
You're doing damage to the society
And ripping it off of diversity But

C7 G
Freedom is for everyone
And so is the pursuit of happiness
What makes one person joyful
Is not the same for eeryone So

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