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Ryan McReynolds - Onstage With Pat

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IWM# 3620

IWM serial ID: 03620

1st verse
I saw you shredding on Guitar
We all could see you as a star
You knew how to record a set
In separate tracks on my cassette

I'm running around like a cat
I'm getting up onstage with Pat
A great musician we had known
Thank you for mixing my live show

2nd verse
You have left us a legacy
Two of your bands I went to see
You have left a major impact
Your music will keep us on track

3rd verse
Beating the Drums I've seen you do
Glad I got to sing with your crew
Can't believe that you went away
How much more is there I can say?

4th verse
Thank you for sharing your talent
I know that you're gonna be missed
Let me sing in your mic before
When you were jamming all these chords

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