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Ryan McReynolds - Storms and Plagues

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IWM# 3608

IWM serial ID: 03608

Yeshua warned us about this
I wonder how we could have missed
I'm seeing death all around us
I see masses begin to cuss

I see storms touching down the ground
I see plagues running through the town
How much more must I hold my breath
As I'm smelling the stench of death

I see earthquakes coming around
Buildings are burning to the ground
I see cars crashing everywhere
I see people are running scared

I'm seeing panic in the streets
Dead bodies rotting in the heat
I see diseases all around
I'm hearing the thundering sounds

I see people hiding in caves
People heading to early graves
We didn't heed the Lord's warnings
Now we see the trouble storming

Jesus please show us all the way
We ignored you but now we pray
Please help us do things that are right
Please help us in this massive fight

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