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!Yuli Johnson - !There's nothing like Asheville

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IWM# 3597

IWM serial ID: 03597

Thought I was just passing through
Didn’t know what I was getting myself into
When I arrived, parked down the Battle Square
Walked over to Page and Haywood right there
On a cold night in May
But I still sang and played
Chorus: DGC
The first night in Asheville
And it felt like home
I knew all along
There’s nothing like Asheville, North Carolina
(If you agree sing the next chorus with me)

Just about a few feet of the Flat Iron
Didn’t know what to expect
Busked down in Charlotte, Orlando and New York
But this was just way beyond the mold
Friendly faces and the atmosphere
The music, the food and the mountains here
Chorus OOOS
Bridge A C
Always got back in the zone
With ukulele, piano and an angel by my side
Some days just trying to get by
But as happy as can be

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