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Ryan McReynolds - Fiery Clouds

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IWM# 3583

IWM serial ID: 03583

1st verse
I know that we were warned before
Now we face a deadly downpour
So much panic and widespread fear
The air doesn't seem very clear

I can see all these fiery clouds
I can hear the boom getting loud
I can see many people run
I can see mass devastation
2nd verse
I can see all of this brimstone
Many people have lost their homes
I see masses seeking refuse
All this panic is getting huge

3rd verse
I can see all these dead bodies
I can see all the blown up trees
I can see the dirty water
Filled with all this bloody slaughter

4th verse
I can see the desperation
I can see all the masses run
They are running across the sod
All we have is our faith in God

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