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Every Road

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IWM# 3580

IWM serial ID: 03580

Another sun goes down another rising moon

I'm thinking of you now and how I left too soon
Too many miles of road to be with you tonight

I hope that you're alone but I know that that ain't right
Sometimes when the wind blows I think I smell your hair

It's hard not to remember the last night I was there

You told me I was dreamin and then you kissed my eyes

You knew that I was leavin but you didn't seem surprised

Every Road I take

Every Turn I make

Every sign I see

Leads me to you

Rain falls on the windshield like teardrops rollin down

I think I see you walking in every single town

For reasons yet unknown to me I walked away from truth

And now it seems the only thing is coming home…

Chorus- Leads me to you

When I close my eyes

I can see your smile

And with every mile

I’m closer to you

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