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Ryan McReynolds - Muhammad I'll Never Follow

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IWM# 3573

IWM serial ID: 03573

1st verse
I won't face Mecca when I pray
I don't care what you have to say
The holy truth is what I know
Don't matter what you try to show

Muhammad I'll never follow
His dirty lies I won't swallow
Jesus our Lord died for our sins
Wickedness he is gonna end

2nd verse
I will not worship Muhammad
Don't care if you threaten my head
May Christ our Lord rebuketh thee
On Judgment day you're gonna see

3rd verse
Christ our Lord outranks your prophet
Christ is much stronger than your fits
Someday you will see his power
Stronger than the Eiffel Tower

4th verse
I believe the Koran is lies
Don't care if you make screams and cries
Repent or you'll burn with Hitler
Repent or you'll forever burn

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