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Can't Fix This

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IWM# 354

IWM serial ID: 00354

Crumple up all the old letters
Rip and tear them all to pieces
How could those words be real?
Throw away all the old pictures
Fake smiles I never believed them
When were you ever sincere?

One lie to my face
All it took to push you away
Fed up with this game
If there’s anyone to blame
In my mind there’s only one name
And I’ll scream it out loud

Repeat stories been said
A million times in my head
But they never get old
Renewed feelings from the past
How do they always seem to last?
Never ending moments in time

But crumple up all those stupid letters
Rip and tear them all to pieces
Those words were never real
Throw away all those lame pictures
Fake smiles I never believed them
You were never sincere


I’ll be fine knowing that you’re not
Taking solace in the fact that you feel lost
It’s what you deserve

Chorus (2x’s fades out)

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I as so impressed with your lyrics.

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