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IWM# 351

IWM serial ID: 00351

If you feel your mind weary inside

Slowly your lids will begin to slide

And what was seen so vibrantly bright

Is nothing but an absence of light.

If your breathing becomes steady and slow

Heart starting to beat at a rhythmic flow

Then relax your tired bones and stretch out

For this is what sleeping is all about.

Pulling the comforter over your resting head

Encompassing the body with cotton and thread

Deep, melodious snoring will start to set in

Bouncing off the walls and keeping it trapped within.

This is how you sleep at night

Letting dreams take over your waking sight

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That poem is absolutely beautiful,it should hang over everyone's bed,so the world can remember,just how revitalizing and childishly sweet it is to get a good nights sleep.It makes me smile,Thank you for the memory
Shelly R.W.

Really ...

I like it!

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