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!Yuli- !"Mirror" or "Just gonna be myself"

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IWM# 3495

IWM serial ID: 03495

Verse 1: em Bm a
As the fog rises over the river
I stand hand side by side
Looking into the mirror
And seeing all the people I have loved staring right back
If you love as deeply as me
I know that you understand
But not all do and that's the sad truth

Chorus: D7 C
But I don't want to be a mirror
I just want to be myself
So please understand when I walk away
It has nothing to do with you
D7 am
There's a road I must follow that hasn't been paved yet
So please don't try to stand in my way anymore
There's road I must follow that hasn't been paved
Don't make me walk in circles or I have no chioce but to run right through
Cause I don't want to be a mirror, I could never be you

Verse 2: em Bm a
So many times I've lost myself
In the world of someone else' life
Thinking maybe it could be love everlasting
But sooner or later we all learn
You can't find true love
Until you know your own yourself
And when you do if its meant for you
It'll be there
But rushing and pushing
Will only stray you away from what's really meant to come

Bridge: Gm Dm
Everyone has a shadow
I am not yours
And if you keep tryin to make me into your shadow
I shall escape in the dark until I find my own light
The kind of light that you don't know
The kind of light that you can't see
The kind of light that sadly escapes your reality

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