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Maybe Tomorrow

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IWM# 345

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Nothing in my life seems to go right for me,
Lately all I've known is pain and misery,
But sooner or later I hope that this will change,
So I can stop hoping and a pray-in,

Maybe tomorrow life will start to go my way,
Or maybe tomorrow will be the same as today,
Maybe tomorrow one of my dreams will come true,
Or maybe tomorrow my life will be through,

I've always worked hard at whatever I do,
Never been dishonest unloving or untrue,
And I always had faith and I pray at night,
Lord let me know happiness or take me into the light,


Faster and faster time seems to slip away,
Half my life is over soon I'll be old and grey,
But as long as there is a breath in me I will survive,
Cause in my mind I'll always keep my dreams alive,

CHORUS; (twice and fade)

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thats very wise and deep nice

Maybe Tommorrow

Thank you,I try to write what I feel,there are so many ups and downs in life.I am sure there are alot of others who have the same feelings as the words in my song.None of us know the future but we must never give up on our dreams.

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