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!Yuli Johnson - !You never say I love you

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IWM# 3439

IWM serial ID: 03439

g C
From that coffee date
I should have known, I should
Have known that you'll never be
Sweet to me
Only gift you gave
Was a microphone with no cable
I guess that's what they say
No strings attached
Even after a year and a half
And it was my birthday too
And you were late
When you promised to come
Instead you came bringing your
Bad vibes in my oracle

Chorus: d a F, d F a
And I bet you never say I love you
Not even once in your life
And even if you did
I wouldn't believe you

You like to talk to me like
I owe you something
When all you ever did was buy me drinks
Just to get me all hot and bothered
So then you would watch me crash and burn
You just stood there and did nothing
Now you're pretending that you were there
For how long do you think you can brainwash me
Even after you broke my heart
I might have been a good under your spell
But now I have taken myself back

Gm F dm
You decided its ok to lock
Lips with me in public even in my favorite bar
I'd way much better be a
Loser than to live my life
Your way
Finally I've told you
Everything that needed to be said
And the weight is lifted off my shoulders


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