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!Yuli Johnson - !Climb down

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IWM# 3436

IWM serial ID: 03436

Bb F
You say the things that you
think I wanna hear
But I've heard it all before
I just can't hear it anymore
You had your taste of bad fruit
But why are you not willing to climb my tree

Chorus: Eb F
I won't climb down the tree for you
You will have to just reach out
If you want my love
Then show me
If you need me then just tell me
If you want my love, (then) show me
Cause I won't climb down for you

I've been to the bottom
And hit rock low
Didn't like it much at all
Everything didn't taste as good
As I once thought it would
So, did you get stuck there too long?
Is that why you're too afraid to reach for me
You're still stuck on the bottom of that tree

I've done it all before and I don't like it anymore
I've taken a few steps just to see
If you and I connect
I've taken a few steps out of my comfort zone
Thought that it'd be fun
Thought that I wouldn't fall for you
But you know you made me
Reach down, reach down for you
If that's your plan
I will tell you now
That it won't work in the long run
It like it here too much, I like it here too much
I know that your logical mind has a hold on you
But what am I to do, what am I to do?
Why should I, why should I climb down for
You, you
Why can't you reach up for me too?

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