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Malaya Mai - Miss Hyde

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IWM# 3418

IWM serial ID: 03418

Copyright ©2014 Malaya Mai

Don't be afraid of me
You'll do just fine
I may look evil
But I feel good inside

I'm not the girl I was
The new me's arrived
I've got a hot hot potion
With some sauce on the side

Too much for you?
Then now’s not the time
Take 2 and see me
When the sun takes a rise

I’m not myself right now
My temperature’s high
I’m not me
I’m an an-i-mal

Yeah I'm a fox, fox, fox
I'm so sly in my hole
Take me out of my element
I lose all control

Lava rock rock rock
Not so bold when I’m cold
Glowin’ hot, run for cover
I’m about to explode

I'm 'bout to lose it
All the hate is inside
It's getting out, can't contain it
Dr. J is Miss Hyde

There's so much rage in me
I'm losing my mind the cops
Dr. J is Miss Hyde

Trust me (giggle)
I wouldn’t hurt a fly
I’m just a lady
So don’t bug me, I’m fine

I can't be blamed
For all my actions tonight
Don't tick me off
Or I might get outta line
Excuse me
I’m not feeling right
I’m feeling faint
I’m getting hot, I need ice

It’s my new me
That’s getting harder to fight
I’m not me
I’m an an-i-mal



Trust me.

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