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You wrote it, now protect it!


New and Improved

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IWM# 339

IWM serial ID: 00339

Verse 1

I used to talk about you,
Have a mean attitude,
Now I don't think I have a problem with you,
But what I can say is that,
I am changed,


I'm new and improved,
Back with all the news,
I can't wait to tell you how happy I am,
I'm new and improved,
I think I am a better person,
With nothing wrong,
New and improved,

Verse 2

Have so many things on my mind,
Hope it doesn't seem bad,
You had comments,
And I didn't really care,
You chewed me up,
Then spit me out,
I want to shout but,
I'm better...


Verse 3

Are you going to tell me something,
It's like you were waiting long,
I'm not going to waste my time,
It's like loving you was a crime,
Felt so distracted,
What was I thinking,
For letting you into mind,
I want to committ a crime,
But I'm,

Chorus x2

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hope you like it!

hope you like it!

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