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You wrote it, now protect it!


!Within my soul by !Yuliya Johnson

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IWM# 335

IWM serial ID: 00335

Intro: C# D# F# Bb

C# D#
You can take all my cloth away from me
You can take my favorite sweater
Take this keyboard too
You can take it all
Take my food and shelter
You can even take my peace

Chorus: F# D# C#
But you can't have whats inside of me
The music within my soul
is out of your reach
You can't steal the passion inside of me.
You can listen or you can ignore
But I won't let you put invisible chains on me
You can't have whats inside of my soul

This guy he can try do steal my heart
But I'd give it willingly
if we were mean to be
My ma she can try to
steal my free will
And the haters can try to steal it all


Bridge: C8 D8
So I am gonna listen to me
I am gonna listen to God
I am gonna listen to the voice within
I am not gonna listen to anyone's evil schemes
I am gonna listen to me


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Hi Yuli, Lots of heartfelt songs! This song has the same kind of message as my song: 'CAN'T STEAL MY SONG'. Please have a listen. KINGDOM MAN

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