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IWM# 332

IWM serial ID: 00332


Boy am I confused,
I don't know what to do,
Crying out,
But no one hears me,
Trying to do right,
But I always mess it up,
I'm so confused,

One day I love life,
The next day I hate it,
I want to pick up a knife,
Leave a note,
Or just keep my life anonymous,
I don't want to do the right thing,
But I want to do something now,
Because we never know when our journey ends,
I send out a prayer,
A cry,
No response,
Don't want to do right
I am so sad,
But yet so mad,
At the same time,
I never get happy,
I never get excited,
I am a dark person with a dark heart,
I need to know where to mark the finish line,
And just lye down,
Go to sleep,
And never wake up,
Not really grateful to be here,


We all regret things we do in life,
Not me I mean to do all the things I do,
Even if I hurt you,
Deep inside there is a part of me that wants
To come out,
But I don't let it out,
I can't let it out,
I can't put out the flame that's burning through my Heart,
My life,
Killing me softly,
I'm like a gothic person,
Just paint me black and I am good to go,
Not caring what other people think or say,
I am me,

Chorus x2

Took some time to think,
Made up my mind,
Ok with every decision I make,
Once again confused,
Not knowing if this is just me,
Or if the devil is taking over,
One body at a time,
Well he sure has mine.

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