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IWM# 3300

IWM serial ID: 03300


Every word you say finds a way to fill me with deep emotion
And every look you give finds a way to move me a way to move me
Every move you make echoes through my body I can feel you breathing
And who am I to say why god brought us together but I thank him

And if you’d like to know Just how far I’d go If you’d like to see

I’ll swim against the tide
So deep into your ocean I will be To give you everything
And if we look we’ll find
A million lonely people in the world But not you and I

Underneath the moon you kissed me so sincerely between the shadows
And from inside your room I can feel your heartbeat reaching out to me


And when the time is near for us to fall together and rediscover
Then it’s up to you and it’s up to me to find our way to heaven to heaven

Chorus (x2)

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