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"Mathematics Of The Heart"

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IWM# 3295

IWM serial ID: 03295

I was bitter to the core,didn't want to love no more

when she broke my heart I swore,never to love like before

Mathematics of the heart says that love just don't add up

although one and one is two most times one will mess up two

Rotten apple tru and tru,caused a hundred hearts to cry

Always said the I love you,looked'em in the eye and lied

Mathematics of the heart I believe that it is right

If two hearts do not connect,one and one don't equal two

The day I ran into you,I stood frozen mesmerized

Instantly I realized,that although love may not add up...calculating one more try

(c)Oscar Sotuyo Sr.2013

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Sorry that wasn't a poem but yeah interesting lyrics!

your poem

This is a really good poem I like the title, it makes this piece unique. lol It's rare that I will see a love poem that has the words mathematics and heart in it, actually I don't think I've ever seen that ;). I am also a poet , here is a link to one of my blogs if you would like to check it out.

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