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Take Me Away

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IWM# 3256

IWM serial ID: 03256

My God, she was innocent, looken at a child who was stolen by a syndicate, looken at her now, in her eyes, you couldn't see a soul, with no control, it is sick, how far a man will go, can't take it, no, and it's there pain, mixed with my own, it's insane, I'm not alone, it's a drink, thats hard to stomach, but pain mixed with patron,
is much easier for us to swallow, feels solid but it really hollow, getten us feeling ok today, and don't care if it destroys tomorrow, man I done, throw in towel, I'm tired of all my sin, man I'm prayen for the Lords forgiveness, tomorrow I sin again, can I get inside a rocket ship, fly to mars, I mean from here it looks beautiful in the stars,
but I know better now sober I understand it, the grass ain't greener plus there ain't no grass on other planets, I'll grow faster if I manage to stay up under your hand it's getten, harder heart is damaged, soul famines so Lord just take me away,

So much pain and damage feeling like my brains impaled and hammered,
hearts in flames and shattered,, shamed and saddened,
rage is adden, Satan's cannon aimen at me, how many people feel exactly, blessings turn ta burdens cuz ya heart is hurten happy, is a feeling that is far away, it's feeling hard ta pray, where is my treasure Paul, I'm just a Jar of Clay, I hearen God, when says I got a Job ta do, but I'm burnen in my anger Lord and You let me so how can you, expect me, to empty in this world and be a heart seeker, my heart is broken Lord, who needs a heart Tina, I'm readen Job and I find I'm pullen answers from it, where were you when I made the earth and mountains on it, your scope is small your understanding is next to nothing, you defend yourself and condemn the one who is master of it,
Forgive me Lord I'm unworthy speak, your eternally deep,
I'll take your hand on this journey and keep pressen

All that we gotta do is look around to get a clue,
but nobody wants a clue when that means they gotta do,
something ta help, something to ease the conviction
that they felt, yeah there, I gave some money I feel better bout myself,
Isaiah said it and Paul unpacks it, it those letters that he dealt is it
righteousness or rags now take those letters off ya shelf,
but I can barely stand to see it, man it's eaten me inside,
seeken death and never think to seek who's keepen us alive,
that's reason why I strive, why I'm breathen it's my drive,
just to let them know salvation is believing in my God,
but I'm hurt, my hearts been thrown, in the dirt, my mind is torn,
and at first, I was crayon out, to emerge from up out the storm,
but a curse it became a blessen, and a verse, it became a song,
what I learned it became a lesson, now i'm purged, and see whats wrong, but I can't ignore this feeling or explain the way I felt today, looking at this world I can't help but say,

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