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Turning The Lights On

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IWM# 3255

IWM serial ID: 03255

Did you ever think it'd be this way probably not,
If I knew then what I knew now I think I'd probably stop,
Than again why would I stop, truth is I do it today,
My hands so full of dirt no soap could ever wash it away

Staring in this mirror, I'm not this personI promise
So many lies but I can't help it cuz it hurts when I'm honest
If I search and I'm honest it's me it's all my fault,
no one to blame trying to heal my wounds are full of salt

This man is at my door, seems like he cares,
He said God loves me, quick can't let him see my tears,
He even hugged me, said call if I got things to share,
I feel I'm broken, got things that I can even bare, I swear

Who Am I, no I mean who am I really
All my life, I tried to be that man on TV
I never met me, I know I'm probably sounding silly.
I said I'd make it, no matter even it killed me

And it killed me, I'm feeling so used up and guilty
I boxed life and I lost I'm bruised up and bleeding
I called for help and it came but I abused it drinking
I called again it hung the phone up on me while I was speaking

I started walking my knees they just begin to weaken
I fall on my face look up and than I see a steeple
All I saw was hypocrites now all I see is people
and all this stuff I used to love it now it seems so evil, I hate

reflecting on my life it's so dark and ugly
my sky's cloudily, gray, ain't even partly sunny
no sense of humor, nothings even partly funny,
I guess the problems in my life took my heart from me,

But as of late, it's harder to engage in life,
the way I did, I can't say that I'm haten life,
the way I did, Is this another phase in life,
that man that came said that he would pray for life,

And now I get it, he said that it was dark when unforgiven,
heart is hard now that i'm sinnen, and they sitten in this place,
but I was defended, God is cool wit how Im liven, but
theres no time for repenten when I see him face to face, to late

Been in the dark so long you can't recognize the light
I'm turning the lights on I want you to see him you don't want to see him no,
to bad so sad that you rather walk at night
than turning the lights on I want you to see Him want you to meet Him Yeah.

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I don't like the Christian genre, but holy god this is one of the best Christian songs I have ever omg dude

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