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Ignorance Ain't Bliss

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IWM# 3254

IWM serial ID: 03254

From what I've heard I been hurt so many times
Sometimes I rather just be blind
This is why they say

In a world such as this ignorance is bliss, If I don't know about it than it doesn't exist,
Minds already mutilated why add to the mix, been heart broke 5 times why should it be 6,
Ignorance ain't bliss, though I could feel you, cuz even if you don't know about it it can kill you,
bottle ease pain but I bet it don't fulfill you, but it ain't the easy way that I appeal to,
feel through, life like a deaf blind insect, yeah it feel right so I just might ingest,
Than we wonder why do we always end up in mess, maybe cuz we following our hearts evil interests,
invest life, you invest death, anytime you making a decision from yo flesh,
And I don't need a taxi cab or camera to confess, that I need Christ cuz i am a darn mess

Go and take a good look, people feeling heart broke, all cuz we liven in a world that so cold
but we turn a blind I blame it on the bad guy, but he's there staring in the mirror so bold, so
Thank you Lord for saving my soul, now we gotta break out show them to the straight route,
but they don't see till they cry out, Lord we need you,

I don't think the error can be anymore clearer,
than when we're alone home staring in the mirror,
but we try to front like we really don't care,
so I'll go and smoke a blunt than I'll go and call Kara,
It's hard enough dealing with the feelings from my own life,
than I turn the news on this man done killed his own wife,
after drowning both kids, than he took his own life,
that'd never happen if that man had only known Christ,
that's the king of kings and he love his subjects so right,
that he got up off the throne and came and gave his own life,
than he took his life back that is why he's called Christ,
the only one that saves and could hold us through the whole night,
a lot of people hearing this is thinking is he serious,
no I ain't delirious I'm speaking from experience,
Look around this world and just think about it's struggle
It's go'take more than super man to get us out this trouble,
think about your problems and how you can avoid it,
9 out of 10 it's probably all about your choices,
used to be clear knowing wrong over right,
not as clear after years choosing wrong over right,
y'all don't hear me though,

This life it feels like 100 degrees burning us slow,
I rather not know, Hearts breaking can't take it so I, rather not know,
can't be hurt if I never know, Ignorance ain't bliss,

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