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Foreign Land

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IWM# 3252

IWM serial ID: 03252

Laying in my bed hear the shots, bum bum bum,
followed by the screams call the cops 911
walk down the block on the ground someone's son
bleeding out on the street tell the ambulance come
family there screaming, whiting they was dreaming
another life lost and another mom cry
homey's there sceaming already talking revenge
in another couple days be another homicide
don't you see the boy dying the momma in tears
every man you murder got a momma that cares
but you don't care, it's logic,
as long as it's nobody that's in my clique, yeah

Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Jyra,
El shaddai the Great I Am,
Lamb of God, Lion of Judah
We're dying here in this foreign land

Pulling out my driveway they standing there scheming
Pulling back in more than two hours gone
in the same place that they was when I was leavening
I can hear them singing that same old song
Baby mom's at the crib living with her mom giving
everything she got while you out getting gone
you smoke cause your mad, she mad cause you smoke
deep down in your heart man you know you dead wrong
kids grow up and they do the same thing
girl knocked up baby dad in the bing
fam tore up when a man is a little boy
thinking he a man cause of cash that he brings
and the crack that he slings, or the fact that he actually blings
no cubic no glass in my rings
but your son call another man dad,
do get mad over facts that I sing Lord we need you

Lord all I see is the hurt and the pain
and the mom and the dad never learn never praying
was ready for that little boy or girl that they bring
in the world then it all starts over again
can you break into the cycle Lord your perfect your Name
trying to lift it up high Lord we searching in vane
cause we worshiping things that we really shouldn't worship
everything we watch in the media encourage it
than we try to imitate that as if we were it
more arrogance more pride more assertive
machine I'm a robot I never short circuit
look at this idle that I built than I served it
I want to say something but I struggle how to word it
I know you got an ego and I'm going to have to hurt it
Lord heres my heart you can search and rework it
anything unlike you, purge it, burn it

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