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Silent Rage

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IWM# 315

IWM serial ID: 00315

Hell bent on destruction
Flavored by revenge
The taste of only bitterness
Relentless in the end

Solitude the enemy
A sudden loss for words
Trapped inside the head
Are memories that burn

A rat lost in a maze
The monsters in the dark
Running round in circles
Afraid to turn on the light

A massive trauma to the soul
Rage filled silent heart
Some where in the blackest night
The anger takes its toll

Beware of what’s inside
And never look to close
The horrors to be found
Are wanting to be claimed

Distorted sounds that live in here
Start fires that must be fed
Desires controlled by rage
Silently steer the way

Suffocate an mothering fears
Feelings that never fade
Breathing is just a tragedy
Committed by those who hate

Silent rage destroys the life
With whom it wants to play
Capturing soul by soul
Residents for its cage!

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re: Cool

Thank you. This one is my personal theme song. I think. lol

Thank you for reading it.

cool I like it

cool I like it


Can you tell me what you liked about it?


this one is really cool.

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