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Oh R Bee - Just Let It Rip

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IWM# 3149

IWM serial ID: 03149

Uh Huh
Uh Huh
Has there ever been a time where you had to fart,
But you were in public so you didn't do it.
Well, here's a tip:

Chorus: X2
Just let it rip!
Just pass that gas.

Verse 1:
They're gone, everyday
You fart in public
And everyone says hey anyway.
You hope no one notices
The gas you're about to unleash
It's a beast
Now I'm goin
Sittin on the toilet
The best will mop it up
Oh crap.

Chorus X2:

Verse 2:
Don't worry ladies there's you too
The only gender that doesn't fart
Oh boo hoo!!!!
Well you're in public
You're at a dairy farm
You better do it now before I fart on your arm.

Just let it rip! (This song makes no sense! HA HA!!)
Just pass that gas.
Just let it rip!
Just pass that gas.

Verse 3:
Gotta Rap
Gotta keep on goin
Everyday No everyday
We go back in time
Meet a T-Rex with his little teeny arms, goodbye.
And if we wanna know why we shot it
We even know we got it
Every single person in the world with blunt and if we know we have it
Everybody wants it
We can with every single thing
Every single one
Before here was any day
Now wanting everybody
Like they wanting to shake n' bake it
Now we never stop thinking
Like looking at the pretty pictures of her naked
We need it
Be it
Now every single person in the word is yelling BABY JESUS!

Chorus X2:

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