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Ryan McReynolds - Paving Us The Way

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IWM# 3143

IWM serial ID: 03143

1st verse
I Know That You Had Done Some Time
When You Didn't Commit A Crime
You Had The Strong Will To Survive
I Thank God That You Are Alive

I Am Glad That We Spoke Online
Could God Be Giving Us Some Signs
Should We Meet Each Other Someday?
Is The Lord Paving Us The Way

2nd verse
Sorry Your Ex Was Bad To You
Sorry He Refuse To Stay True
You Deserve Something More Better
I Hope You Can Hear My Letter

3rd Verse
Does The Lord Wish For Us To Meet?
Should We Both Wear Same Color Jeans?
Do You Wish To Meet Me Someday?
How Much More Is There I Can Say?

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