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!Yuliya Johnson- !My heart and my head part

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IWM# 3134

IWM serial ID: 03134

My heart and my head part" ©04.25.2012Yuliya Johnson

Verse 1:
Sus F with G in the bass line, d, a
Simple touch of your hand
Seduces me out of my mind
Can't look you in the eye
Cause you satisfy
My every desire
When you speak
Even though my head keeps repeating
Don't wanna fall in love
My heart's racing at the speed of light

FC >3 or 4
My head says don't wanna fall in love
Don't need no love, love, love
But my heart screams
I wanna love, love, love
I wanna be in love
Where does my head and my heart part> 2
Why does my heart and my head part>2

Verse 2:
Sus F with G in the bass line, d, a
I know you're turned on
When I'm cold and I am distant
After we make love
I'm so resistant
to your charms
When you get too close
I pull away
And I can't hear
What you're trying to say


We played a drinking game
On St. Paddy's Day
And I couldn't escape
Your cigarette lips
And your green eyes..................

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