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Ryan McReynolds - Sweet Woman

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IWM# 2943

IWM serial ID: 02943


You're a sweet woman
You're a kind woman
I really love you
I care about you

You deserve sweet guy
You deserve nice guy
Don't deserve a jerk
You don't need a jerk

You're a sweet girl
Very caring girl
I like you so much
I love you so much

God's blessing on you
God's love upon you
You behave so well
Truth you always tell

You're a good lady
You're a nice lady
Sweeter than sugar
Can't overlook you

You know I love you
and I adore you
You earned my respect
You have my respect

You're a gift from God
You're a child of God
You know he'll guide you
He'll always guide you

You're a smart lady
You're a sweet lady
You deserve nice man
You deserve good man

We believe in God
We have faith in God
We stand by our faith
Because we have faith

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