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Old Tree

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IWM# 284

IWM serial ID: 00284

I'm circled with Love
I'm circled with angels
from the Lord above

hands held together
clasped firmly and tight
these are precious angels in my sight

I'm just and old tree
don't know
what they see
I'm so very happy
they are all around me

I can hear
their heart beats
want them to know
they are the reason
I continue to grow

I will cover them
with shade of Love
in the heat of the day
provide a branch
for the eagle
and the jay

I am big cedar
and smell sweet

these are Gods children
circled around me
nurturing the roots
at my feet

I tell the other trees in the Forrest
to be proud
and stand tall
these angles
will not let us fall

I'm just an old tree
don't know
what they see
they are everything to me.

by HC Holbert

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